Credit Card Types

Credit card users use the MyCCPay portal to pay their bills online. With MyCCPay, you can check your checking account balance, pay your credit card bill, verify transactions, make payments, and manage your account at any time. MyCCPay is operated by a holding company, Total Card, Inc (TCI).


We will show you some easy ways to register and log into your account.

In this case, not all credit cards are accepted. Total Card Inc only supports some of the credit cards listed below.

MyCCpay-Card Accessibility

First Card Access

However, if you have bad credit or bad credit. You may want to consider the First Access Visa credit card if you are confident that you can use it responsibly. However, be prepared to bear all the costs associated with building your credit.

Fees and APR:

The annual percentage is a variable of 34.99% APR.

You pay a program fee of $ 89 when you sign up.

You pay an annual fee of $ 75 and then $ 48 thereafter.

This card has a monthly service charge of $ 6.25 that is not included in the first year.

Late fees of up to $ 39 will apply.


Easy approval because it is designed for people with little or no credibility.

It is not a secure card that requires a deposit.


It comes with a high APR of 34.99%.

They have an extremely low credit limit of $ 300.

Includes a $ 89 “program” fee for opening an account, plus a $ 75 annual fee for the first year and $ 48 annually thereafter. It affects how much credit you actually have.

Payment is not due until 21 days after the end of each billing cycle; Many other cards are issued 24 or 25 days before your payment is considered late.

There are late fees and refunds up to $ 39.

Total Visa Card

These are the best bad credit cards to help you rebuild. The bank reports your payments to the three major credit reporting agencies. However, the Total Visa unsecured credit card requires payment of the program fee, annual fee, and monthly service fee, and has an initial credit limit of only $ 300.

New Horizon Card

These credit cards are unknown because fewer customers use them.